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This piste cyclable links Contis Plage with the centre of the municipality to which it belongs, Saint-Julien-en-Born, is 8.4 km long and connects with the Vélodyssée.

The path runs parallel to the road at all times, but the little traffic on the road makes for a quiet and pleasant walk. It also includes three picnic areas, one in Contis itself, next to the start of the route, another just outside Contis, and another halfway to Saint Julien. In addition, the route ends next to a picnic table next to a beautiful wooden bridge, next to the D-652, the road that links the main population centres of the coastal area of the Landes.

The most striking thing about Contis Plage is that it is home to the elegant Contis lighthouse, the only active lighthouse in the whole of Landes.

You can enter the interior for a small fee and climb the spiral staircase to reach the top area, from where you can enjoy spectacular views, as well as observe its enormous optical device.

The start of the route is at this point on the Avenue du Phare, where we come to the junction of the two pistes cyclables that meet at Contis: the Vélodyssée (in the direction of Mimizan) and the one that goes to Saint Julien.

This is also the start of the short path leading to the lighthouse. There is also a large picnic area (pique-nique, in French) with parking spaces for vehicles.

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