Desplazarse en el interior de la zona costera de Las Landas no es tarea fácil si no se dispone de vehículo o de bicicleta. No hay trenes de cercanías ni líneas de autobuses que recorran todos los municipios cercanos a la costa. Difícil, sí, pero no imposible. Veamos cuáles son los medios de transporte existentes.


Firstly, the train from Irún - which passes through Baiona - runs almost vertically across the whole of the Landes region. This is the TER, which links the Spanish border, in Hendaye, with the rest of France, and which in our case goes via Baiona, Dax and Bordeaux. This train, like all trains in France, allows bicycles; ask at the ticket office where you buy your tickets and they will give you all the information you need.

If you opt for this means of transport to go to the Landes, you will have to get off at the stop that has a bus connection with the town you want to go to. In the following section ("Buses") we explain all the bus lines that connect the bus stops of the Ter with the towns of the coast.

This railway has 11 stops in Les Landes, as can be seen on the attached map:

    1. Boucau
    2. Ondres
    3. Labenne
    4. Bénesse-Maremne
    5. St-Vincent-de-Tyrosse
    6. St-Geours-de-Maremne
    7. Saubusse-les-Bains
    8. Dax
    9. Morcenx
    10. Labouheyre
    11. Ychoux

We have placed on this map the main towns on the Landes coast and the roads leading to them from these TER stops. This way, we know at which stop we have to get off to get to our locality.

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Now, how to get from the train stop to our town? This is where buses come in. Bus lines connect the train stops with the main towns along the Landes coast. As you can see on the map of the regional bus network (Réseau de cars regionaux dans Les Landes), there are five lines covering the main urban centres:

    • Line 7 directly links Bayonne with Labenne, Capbreton and Soustons.
    • Line 44 links Dax with Castets, Léon, Vielle-St-Girons and Lit-et-Mixe.
    • Line 45 links Morcenx with St-Julien-en-Born and Contis Plage.
    • Line 13 links Labouheyre with Mimizan.
    • Line 11 links Ychoux with Parentis-en-Born, Biscarrosse y Sanguinet.
    • Line 14 links Parentis with Gujan-Mestras.
    • Line 46 links Parentis with Arcachon*.
    • Line 47 links Mont de Marsan with Arjuzanx y Mimizan*.

* Lines 44, 45, 46 and 47 operate only during the summer months.

Line 7 is very popular with Basque tourists travelling from the South Basque Country or even from North Basque Country, as it links Baiona (which is easily accessible from the border) with the most popular towns in Landes (Capbreton, Hossegor, Messages...).

In this downloadable map you have all the information about the train and bus lines.

The bus ticket prices (as of January 2024) are as follows:

‎Bus fares Landes


In the Landes there are free shuttles to the beaches, which are bus lines that in the summer season (July and August) connect the urban centres with the beaches, stopping at the main campsites in the area.

These small buses, known as navettes, are completely free of charge, and make the outward and return journeys. The lines are as follows:

    • Línea 12. It starts at Contis Plage and runs through Saint-Julien-en-Born, Levignac, Uza y Lit-et-Mixe, ending at Cap de L'Homy. It stops at the campsites:
        • Lous Seurrots
        • Les Dunes de Contis
        • Le Tress
        • La Passerelle
        • Le Soleil des Landes
        • Lacoussade
        • Caravaland
        • Lassalle
        • Les Vignes
        • Municipal Campsite of Cap de L'Homy.
    • Línea 3. Connects Saint Girons Plage with Lac de Leon, passing through Saint-Girons center, Vielle center, Vielle lac and Leon centre. Stops at the campsites:
        • Les Tourterelles
        • La Jaougotte
        • L'Oceane
        • Le Col vert
        • Lou Puntaou.
    • Línea 4. Joins Taller with Castets, Linxe and Saint-Girons center, ending at Saint-Girons Plage, stopping at:
        • Camping Les Tourterelles.
    • Línea 4.1. It runs from Castets to Saint-Girons Plage, circulating through Saint-Michel-Escalus, Linxe and Saint Girons center. It stops at:
        • Landes Océanes
        • Les Tourterelles.

Here you can download the timetables and routes for each of these lines (they are from 2020, but remain unchanged for the time being):

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