Mimizan is a beautiful village in the Landes region with many attractions to enjoy. One of them is its botanical garden ("Promenade fleurie" they call it there). It is a small island located just where the river ends and the lake of Mimizan-Aureilhan begins.

This floral garden has more than 300 species of plants, and was qualified in 2001 as one of the "most beautiful flowered sites in France". In fact, since 1999, Mimizan has obtained its fourth Flower in the National Competition of Flowery Towns and Villages thanks to this garden.

Access to the Promenade fleurie is free, accessible to all and open all year round.

There are several signs in Mimizan to get there, so access is relatively easy. In any case, it must be said that this Landes village is divided into two parts: Mimizan Plage and Mimizan Bourg ("Village"). The garden is located in Mimizan Bourg.

The walk around this small island is relatively short, and is accessed via a wooden bridge. It is designed in such a way that one can see all types of flowers and plants thanks to a predefined path.

The promenade is maintained throughout the year by one to three gardeners, depending on the season. In spring and summer, frost-free plants are installed, the entire flower complex is watered and faded flowers are removed to promote the growth of new flowers. In winter, gardeners prune trees and shrubs, and remove branches and debris. This ensures that whatever time of year you visit, the garden is always in perfect condition and the walk is always a paradisiacal enclave well worth a stroll.

The other end of the island is also connected to the north of Mimizan by a wooden bridge. On the other side of the bridge, you can extend your walk along small paths, but you can also enjoy a picnic area with wooden tables and magnificent views of Lake Aureilhan.

In short, a place of great beauty in a privileged setting that undoubtedly make it an essential visit for any traveller who finds themselves in the Landes.

Further information:

Mimizan Tourism Office


Veamos, por último, algunas de las plantas y flores que se pueden contemplar a lo largo de esta imprescindible visita al Jardín Botánico.

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