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Vielle-Saint-Girons is a small village in the Landes which has so far managed to escape the masses of tourists despite the fact that there are two large campsites close to the beach, Campeole Les Tourterelles and Eurosol.

This route shares a section with the other route (Route of the Tucs) in Vielle-Saint-Girons; in fact, they are like two squares that have a cathetus in common, although this one in Bareuyes is two kilometres longer.

Except for the beginning (and end, of course), the whole route runs through the trees on forest paths, and there are some sections that include climbs, so take some provisions to get your strength up; without going any further, almost opposite the car park where we started the route, there is a children's play area with two picnic tables, the perfect place for this.

This is the car park where we will leave the car if we have decided to use the car. At this same point you will find the Saint-Girons Tourist Office, where you can get a lot of information about maps, pistes cyclables, routes...

From there we go to the main street (the Route des Lacs (D-652). Opposite (a little to the right) begins the D-42, which is the one we will take. We will see a strange little glass pyramid on the pavement and we will continue along this long straight road, leaving the church on our right.

At the end of this straight, just where the left-hand bend begins, take the small path on the right and immediately turn left to start the long (but gentle) climb up the Chemin des Retges.

Links to download the route:

Google Earth: VIELLE-SAINT-GIRONS. Route of the Tucs.kml

GPS: VIELLE-SAINT-GIRONS. Route of the Tucs.gpx

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