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On the road from Lit-et-Mixe to Cap de l'Homy, and 3 km from the village, two small routes (2.5 km and 1.5 km) have been organised, which are called in French "Health trails in the forest". The two trails are adjacent to each other, so that they can be done together.

The name "health trails" refers to the fact that along the route there are ten or so points where you can exercise.

In each of these areas there is a wooden structure on which to perform small gymnastic exercises, accompanied by signs explaining the movements to be exercised.

Otherwise, the route (it is worth doing both routes, although the indications are perhaps not as precise as they should be) is really attractive, with three different areas in terms of vegetation, which adds even more to the attraction of this itinerary.

It also includes a short climb, at the top of which there are some spectacular views.

Both routes run through the pine forest shown in the picture, and next to the car park there is a picnic area with a few tables for a nice picnic.

Moreover, these trails are located next to the cycle path that connects Lit-et-Mixe with Cap de L'Homy, so access is unbeatable.

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