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La Forgé d’Uza lake

This cycle path linking the beach of Cap de l'Homy with the centre of Lit-et-Mixe, Uza, Levignac and Lesperon is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the Landes. The small neighbourhood next to the beach, with a few houses and a children's playground surrounded by some shops and restaurants is really attractive.

The path from here to the centre of Lit-et-Mixe combines open spaces with curved paths shaded by trees, including two picnic areas, one of them (close to the town centre) in a pretty open space next to a stream.

Arrival of the cycle path at Lit-et-Mixe. In the background, L'église Notre-Dame de Lit

Lit-et-Mixe itself is a charming village: it has a cobbled area next to a bandstand; small houses and shops; a museum (Landes d'Antan) recalling the work of the town's ancient inhabitants; the church of Notre-Dame de Lit, built in the 12th century and containing a stone Pieta...

The road leading to Uza is no less pleasant, with long straight stretches of road protected by rows of pine trees. Once in this village, it is worth taking a detour of a few hundred metres to enjoy the extraordinary views of the surroundings of the lake of La Forgé, a real treat for the eyes.

In this same village, and next to the lake, you should not miss a quick visit to the church of Saint-Louis d'Uza, a beautiful example of neo-gothic style built between 1867 and 1869; it was listed as a Historic Monument in 2003.

Église Saint-Louis d'Uza

If we start this route (or part of it) at Cap de l'Homy, this seems the ideal place. It is a tree-lined car park with a picnic area located just opposite the Cap de l'Homy Municipal Campsite.

Next to the entrance to the campsite is the start of the route, protected by a barrier to prevent cars from passing.

A short but steep climb takes us to the crossroads where we can choose whether to take the Vélodyssée (left towards Contis Plage, or right towards Saint Girons Plage) or continue straight on towards Lit-et-Mixe, which is 7.6 km away. We will obviously take the latter direction.

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