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Levignac is a very small village, some twenty kilometres from the coast. It is not a tourist destination, but the cycle path from Cap de L'Homy to Lespero, which passes through Levignac, has turned this quiet village into a place of passage for a significant number of cycling tourists.

This "Moulin nouveau" route is, like almost all the routes along the Landes coast, completely flat, and runs along forest paths, with the exception of a few hundred metres along narrow asphalted roads with hardly any traffic.

The route starts here, in the car park next to the Saint-Martin church, in the centre of Levignac. Next to the car park there is also a field with picnic tables, which can be very useful for refreshment and food after the walk.

Once we have started our walk, we will go towards the church and, once we are on the other side of it, we will take the path on the right, the Route du Moulin Vieux.

And here are the links to download the .kml and .gpx files to view them with Google Earth and Garmin (or any other application that reads gps files), respectively:

Circuit du Moulin Neuf.kml

Circuit du Moulin Neuf.gpx

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